Hello, we’re Educated

We are a modern, results focussed, collaborative marketing agency. We are proud of our global reach, smart tools and clever people. We are progressive and pragmatic. We are Educated.

The Challenges we Solve

Does the data you have truly inform your recruitment activity? Do your diverse data sources speak to each other? Are your data management skills fit for today?

Many businesses struggle with the evaluation of their data assets and how to best use them to create a smart strategy to improve marketing efficiencies. Universities are no different. Your data is complex and ever changing within a stringent regulatory framework, against a backdrop of increasing privacy concerns. It’s no easy feat to stay on top of your data and extract maximum value from it. Educated can help you. In a world awash with data, we’ll help you swim.

Our Core Services

Data Services

Do you need to…

Evaluate your data assets? Devise a strategy to nurture them? Establish data at the centre of your recruitment strategy? Upskill your team in the latest data techniques? Reinforce your current agency partnerships with best in breed data expertise? If you’re drowning in data, we’ll help you swim.

Data Services

Marketing Strategy

Would you like to…

Convert strategic insight into an operational plan? Identify the most effective channels to reach your most likely applicants? Create more first party data? Drive content views and increase engagement with your institution? Entice International candidates to learn more about your offer? Whatever challenge you face, we’ll create an Educated solution for the extraordinary times we’re living through.

Marketing Strategy


How can you…

Be in all the right places at exactly the right time? Be sure that you’re spending where you should be? Reduce waste? Initiate a conversation rather than trying to butt in? Our activation techniques will turn Educated strategy into tangible, meaningful outcomes.


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Simply put, we’re confident we’ll make a tangible difference to your marketing effectiveness.

Our people are smart, our tools are sharp and our resources are deep. We won’t blind you with science and we won’t use trendy jargon. Tell us your challenge and we’ll tell you whether we can help solve it. If we can’t, we won’t waste your valuable time pretending that we can.

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