About Us

Student recruitment. Redefined by data

Founded during a period of unprecedented disruption for the Education sector, Educated was born and bred from a very real, very prevalent challenge; the need to unlock and activate meaningful data for effective recruitment marketing. In a world awash with data and technology, our clear aim is to help providers identify and reach the most likely applicants, to reduce the cost of recruitment.

“There has never been a more appropriate time for institutions to get control of their data assets and activate them meaningfully. In a disrupted sector, with so many unknowns, effective data management will provide consistent insight and direction. That’s our single purpose in launching Educated” says founder Jeremy Phillips, former MD of UCAS Media and Executive Director of ABRSM.

Educated has been carefully curated to serve clients with the best-in-class people and tools to help you succeed. Our model is to draw on the expertise and resources of two leading delivery partners – The Silverbullet Data Services Group and Local Planet, bringing their proven resources and techniques to the education sector.

What makes us different

Simply put, we’re leading the fusion of data intelligence and marketing activity. We have developed bespoke tools which are already being used with great success in other sectors and we are accredited partners of the leading martech companies such as Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle. We use data in innovative ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activity, helping you reach the right people at the right time – in the right context.

Educated has been designed by a smart leadership team with energy, experience and passion for digital marketing and the education sector.

  • We help clients embrace all the opportunities that are ahead and avoid the threats that come with this disrupted, complex world.
  • We architect data-driven recruitment strategies with an approach that is aligned to your recruitment objectives.
  • We enable insights to flow throughout organisations, increasing efficiencies and ROI.

Educated is happy to work alongside your existing marketing providers and agencies to add data expertise to their teams. We’re equally happy to work independently as your lead media agency.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to enhance your existing business.

We are Educated.