Your Questions Answered

Hello. We’re Educated – an agency whose sole purpose is to help you recruit students more effectively.

How do you help recruit students more effectively?
By using your data in new ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activity.

What data?
All sorts of data. UCAS data. HESA data. Your first party data. Procured data. Originated data. Google analytics. 3rd party data. We bring it all together, and interrogate it ruthlessly until it tells us a story.

How? Well, we have a team of really smart people who are industry leaders in martech and data science. They work alongside media planners using brilliant tools to identify your potential applicants anywhere in the world and get your message in front of them.

I don’t think I have enough data for you to use…
We bet you do, but if you need more we’ll help you create more with our proven techniques.

So are you data analysts or management consultants?
Neither – but we can work alongside those companies if you already use them. We are thoroughbred marketing specialists, who can help you recruit smarter by activating a strategy which is borne from your data.

You must be mad launching a new agency now
We think we’d be mad not to. The pandemic has created a new world and marketing activity must move at pace to adapt to it – that’s what we do.

What’s your USP?
Educated is at the forefront of the fusion of data science and marketing activity. We have developed bespoke tools which are already being used with great success in other sectors and we are accredited partners of many 3rd party tech platforms such as Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, Tealium and so on.

Who are your clients?
Educated’s delivery partners, Silver Bullet and Local Planet, boast an impressive client list. Educated is now developing our first HE client partnerships in the UK.

What’s your fee structure?
In our experience, marketing budgets are set and reconciled in so many different ways that we don’t have a defined fee structure. We prefer to be flexible around commercial terms as we think that works best for our customers.

Where’s your office?
What’s an office?! We have people situated around the world, connecting through tech and occasionally meeting at one of our many partner agency offices worldwide. That works well for us – it keeps our people safe and happy. We’re equally happy to come and visit you!