Our Services

Analyse, plan, deliver.

Educated offers clients expert services in three categories; Data, Marketing Strategy and Activation. We believe that actionable data provides the greatest value to an organisation. We see that many institutions do not capitalise on their investment in sophisticated data analysis, market segmentation and longer term strategic planning. Rather than replicate that valuable work, Educated aims to consolidate it into an actionable plan, that delivers benefits and releases the power and value of your data assets.

Data Services

We boast a dedicated team of data scientists, analysists, engineers and martech specialists who will help you unlock the value of your data:

Services include:

  • Data sourcing
  • Data evaluation
  • Data integration
  • Bespoke training

We help you identify and manage the data available to you – allowing us to get creative in reaching potential applicants.

Marketing Strategy

Our best-in-class data strategists, martech specialists and media planners will architect your data strategy to support multi-channel marketing activity, globally.

Services include:

  • Data framework design
  • Audience profiling and replication
  • Technology integration to fit seamlessly into your wider business
  • Channel evaluation and optimisation
  • Collaboration with other specialists to add expertise to increase effectiveness

We take care of all the technical heavy lifting to ensure that your data is accessible and, most importantly, actionable.


Managed services support to activate your data-led recruitment strategy, using the most appropriate channels and resources within our extensive tool-kit.

Services include:

  • Campaign activation across biddable and non-biddable media
  • Domestic and international media buying services
  • Audience design, build and activation
  • Campaign evaluation, ROI of your data and tech to drive efficiencies and smarter decisions
  • Real time reporting and analysis from your data to inform future strategy

Here’s where we start to identify and reach applicants online through a variety of activation channels. We have developed sophisticated tools of our own, designed to amplify and complement those that you already use.