Our Tools

The right person in the right place in the right moment.

Our sharp tools are designed to:

1. Identify your audience

  • Blend various data sources to create accurate audience segments at scale.
  • Understand audience behaviours with external brands and businesses to gain a better understanding of their interests, needs and engagement style.

This is where we ensure you are reaching the right person by creating detailed profiles. Meaning you can rest assure that you are marketing to the right individual.

2. Make your advertising relevant

  • Explores the content and context of a website, to identify relevant environments for you to market your message.
  • Provides insight into trending/viral content, education and recruitment events, upcoming student and course news, etc.
  • Understands the true meaning and sentiment of a web page – including words, audio, video and more.

This tool helps you communicate to students in the right environments. Essentially allowing you to locate students in contexts such as a news article about college courses, or a university website.

3. Ensure that marketing activity is data led

  • Deliver efficient marketing campaigns across a variety of channels – mobile, desktop, tablet etc.
  • Drive uplift in user engagement by identifying key performance indicators such as clicks, view time, etc.
  • Deliver data-driven marketing to ensure your message is shown to the right person, in the right place.

This is our simple campaign activation tool. It takes your marketing message and targets your key audience. Good old-fashioned digital marketing.

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